Volunteer work descriptions

Are you a bit uncertain as to what you want to work with? Read on for information about the different tasks.

Accreditation desk & ticket sales (Akkreditering og billettsalg)
Selling tickets to the festivals screenings and providing volunteers and other guests with their free tickets for the day, or the next. As a volunteer there, your job will entail selling tickets to the general audience and handing out tickets to your co-volunteers, a very gratifying job indeed! You can apply here if you enjoy working on a computer, are service minded, neat and enjoy a bit of a hectic environment.

Flexible work! (Alt mulig!)
If you are a true allrounder, keen to do different kind of jobs during the whole festival week? Maybe you want to be an usher at the screening venues one day, do some transport missions, work with decor, and maybe help out in the volunteer department? If this sounds cool to you, because hey, maybe you’re a little bit undecided on what to do right? - Then you just put this at your 1. choice in the application. Then we’ll make a great plan together!

Festival reception (Festivalresepsjon)
If you enjoy working with people and would like to be a part of our front desk, this is the place for you! The reception will be handling the festival guests both domestic and international, which will be needing accreditations and information. You’ll be printing tickets, deliver practical information and handle other requests that may arise. This is the place for being effective, a clear head for technical acuity (You will of course receive training!) and not in the least be service-oriented.

Volunteer department (Frivilligavdeling)
You ready for bit of everything the festival can offer? - Run to the hotel, temping for someone else at a shift unmanned, do volunteer-registration for their shifts and in general help out at the office? We need solution-oriented people who are good with people and not scared of trying different things. We guarantee loads of fun!

Guest host (Gjestekontakt)
During the festival a lot of people will be arriving in town - Filmmakers and other guests whom are not well acquainted with Tromsø. As a guest host you’ll be receiving and helping our guests through their stay in town. Make sure they are where they should be, on time and making sure their stay is as pleasurable as can be. Important for this job is to know the town well, enjoy hosting, and by all means – if you’re multilingual, that would be perfect!

Information desk (Infoskranke)
Do you enjoy chatting with people? At the information desk you will be available to answer questions from the public, helping them find their way around the festival, and you can also recommend movies to the people coming in. For this position it is desirable that you have good social skills in addition to being familiar with all the venues. The position requires that you are service minded, independent and have good language skills.

Journalist Coordinator (Journalistkoordinator)
During the festival a lot of people will be arriving in town – also international journalists who are not well acquainted with Tromsø. As the Journalist Coordinator you’ll be the link between our Guest Coordinator, our Head of Communication and the international journalists - taking care of and helping the international journalists during their stay in town, making sure they get the information they need. Experience with press and/or media related work is an advantage.

Here the volunteers will act as hosts for our guests - through visit registration, cleanup, wardrobe management and other ways of facilitating our guests from near and far. If you are self sufficient and have a good eye for details, please apply here! Experience from waitressing or service is a plus.

Off screen events
This is a job for people who enjoy a variation in volunteering experiences. It includes rigging before and after the festival, rigging events and parties. You will be our team during the festival working at different events hosted by TIFF. It is a plus if you have a driver's licence.

Photographer (Fotograf)
Do you have a passion for photography? Then this might just be the volunteer position for you! There are many exciting things going on during the festival and we want you to document it, with a special focus on the volunteers. For this job you need to be available throughout the festival to document the volunteers and the important work they do for the festival. It's an advantage if you have a background in photography and your own camera.

Poster distribution (Plakatoppheng)
This job is to hang up posters before the festival. It is preferable if you have knowledge of where in the city we are allowed to hang posters and have access to a car (as we are talking about 600 posters and they are quite heavy). For this position you have to be available in week 48. The job requires being available for several shifts with a flexible schedule. And the best part: you finish before the festival begins and can spend your time in January enjoying the festival!

Rig/Décor (Rigg/dekor)
Are you handy with tools, like carrying things, or maybe you’re more of the creative type? Please join the Rig/Decor crew! The work will primarily be before and after the festival, but there will also be work throughout the festival. Everything from carpentry, to decorating venues and such if needed, so join in!

SoMe (instagram/snapchat)
Are you interested in Social Media and have experience creating SoMe-content? As part of the SoMe-team you will create and publish content on TIFF’s Instagram and Snapchat accounts during the festival. For this position you have to be available for the duration of the festival and a few days in advance. The job requires being available for several shifts with a flexible schedule. You need to have interest and knowledge of what works on SoMe, be tech savvy, and experience with video editing and/or photo editing is an advantage.

Are you a safe driver, maybe even accustomed to driving in Tromsø’s at times very confusing traffic? We want you! As a volunteer driver you’ll be transporting anything from film reels to people to and from the airport and screening venues – in other words, exciting days!

Usher/cinema host (Innslipp/Salsvakt)
You want to watch films, even while working? As an usher you’ll be checking the audience’s tickets, help people find their seats, and during screenings be present in the hall, in case something happens. A pleasurable job for someone who’s service minded and cheerful!

Venue manager (stedsansvarlig)
As a venue manager you will be the intermediary for both the production management and the volunteer-coordinator. You’ll be in charge of the venue on site, receiving your volunteers who’ll be working with you, and collaborating with the projectionist to make sure the screenings go as planned. Caution: Mandatory preparation meetings will be scheduled in two rounds. Apply here if you are a punctual and well organised person, who is not afraid of challenges and extra responsibility.

VR Host (VR-vert)
Are you interested in technology and virtual reality? As a VR Host you are the one the public will interact with during their visits to this year's VR events. You will be helping with the VR gear and making sure the audience have an enjoyable experience. You can apply here if you are tech savvy, service minded and enjoy interacting with the festival audience. Experience with VR is an advantage.