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TIFF Digital tickets are available from Thursday January 14.

Tickets to films and shows added to the program the last few days, will be available from 12pm Sunday January 17.

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Volunteer registration for TIFF 2021 is now open. 

TIFF 2021 tickets

The ticket sale doesn't open until January 14, but you can buy gift cards, Festival Friend membership and other TIFF 2021 products now.

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Film industry at TIFF

Tromsø International Film Festival is an important arena for the Norwegian and international film industry. The festival hosts a number of seminars and events for film professionals.

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Our partners

Making the Tromsø International Film Festival wouldn't be possible without the help of our dear partners.

Troms and Finnmark County Municipality

We are the largest and northernmost region in Norway. With an area of about 75,000 km2, Troms and Finnmark make up 23% of the country's total area.

UiT The Arctic University of Norway

UiT The Arctic University of Norway is a medium-sized research university that contributes to knowledge-based development at the regional, national and international level.

Lerøy Aurora

Lerøy Aurora AS is part of Lerøy Seafood Group, a world-leading seafood corporation with a history reaching back to 1899


– a new city centre in Tromsø

TIFF - not just one week in January

Did you know that TIFF also has a children's film festival and a silent film festival? Or that we run the cinematheque at Verdensteatret the whole year through - and screen movies in Russia?

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