Terms and Conditons

Terms and conditions for volunteer work at Tromsø International Film Festival 2022.

Thank you for signing up as a volunteer for TIFF 2022!

Please note that the signing of this contract does not automatically guarantee that you will become a volunteer at TIFF 2022. The contract is a part of your application. The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you after you submit the form, informing you if your application is granted or not.

By submitting your volunteer application, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. It also means that you understand the responsibility and your rights as a volunteer at TIFF 2022. This contract is meant to secure predictability both for the volunteer and the festival. The contract is valid for Tromsø International Film Festival 2022, January 17–23.

By approving the terms and conditions for volunteer work during TIFF 2022 I hereby commit to the following:

  • I will show up on time, sober and ready for all my shifts, and work for the agreed duration of my engagement. I will work a minimum of 20 hours for TIFF.
  • I will make sure to inform the Volunteer Coordinator immediately if I am prevented from showing up for my shift for any reason (due to sickness etc).
  • I will wear the staff t-shirt whenever I am working for the festival, it is my uniform, and I will NOT consume any alcohol while wearing the t-shirt.
  • Changes in relation to the shift schedule may occur. I am obliged to check email frequently and to be accessible by phone.
  • I understand that professional confidentiality applies to volunteers. I have a duty of confidentiality about personal and/or business information concerning TIFF or persons connected to TIFF, and I will not make any comment on behalf of the Festival to external press without clearing this with the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • I understand that I am a representative of the festival and will not act in ways that damage TIFFs name or reputation in any way.
  • I give permission to be photographed or filmed by the festival and these images can be used in connection with promotions and promotion of the festival.
  • As a volunteer I will be covered by TIFFs insurance. In the case of injury while working for the festival, I am obligated to report it to my shift leader, and together we will fill out an incident report (skadeskjema).

TIFF 2022 commits to giving you as a volunteer:
Due to current restrictions in Norway we have adjusted the volunteer accreditation. There will be separate screenings for volunteers and you will get a giftcard with two tickets that can be used at ordinary TIFF screenings. All volunteers also receive a membership at Verdensteatret Cinematek spring 2022 giving you a discount price at all regular screenings for the spring season 2022. These changes to the Volunteer Terms & Conditions were made on January 4th 2022:

    • Clear instructions outlining tasks and responsibilities.
    • The festivals staff t-shirt
    • Access to screenings for volunteers during the festival.
    • Giftcard with two tickets that can be used at ordinary TIFF screenings.
    • Membership at Verdensteatret Cinematek giving you a discount price at all regular screenings for the spring season 2022
    • The TIFF-catalogue and programme
    • This years festival bag
    • Food and beverages while you are working.

Violations of the terms and conditions is considered breach of contract and may result in confiscation of the festival accreditation, billing (in whole or in part) for the festival accreditation and/or rejection of applications to be a volunteer at future festivals. In serious cases involving the police will be considered.

All personal data submitted by the volunteer will at all times be processed in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Protection Act (Personopplysningsloven), including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679. TIFF becomes the data controller for the personal data that is collected and processed in conjunction with this Volunteer Contract. By approving the terms and conditions for volunteer work during TIFF, you also agree that TIFF can save your personal information and photos of you in our systems for our own use, for as long as we need. The information will not be shared with any third parties, and you can at any time request access to the information we hold.

I accept that the organizer can contact me after the event regarding the next event.