Verdensteatret Cinematheque

Verdensteatret opened in 1916, and is one of the oldest still running cinemas in Europe.

Verdensteatret is home for the regional cinematheque in Northern Norway. The cinema screens quality films and film related content every day, spanning from classics from the archives of the National Library to brand new titles. Verdensteatret Cinematheque is run by Tromsø International Film Festival.

Cinema and Culture House

Verdensteatret is the main venue for Tromsø Film Society, Tromsø Children's Film Society and the World Opera's live tranmissions from The Met in New York.

The theatre at Verdensteatret is an important culture and debate arena in Tromsø, collaborating with a variety of organizations. The cinema is venue for various events linking current public debate issues with matching film programs, often featuring introductions from film makers.

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