TIFF 2022 - Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the following questions and answers will be helpful when finding your way around at TIFF 2022.

FAQ 2022

What will TIFF 2022 look like?

We are taking all steps necessary to make sure the film festival is arranged in line with regulations issued by the Norwegian Government. Hopefully that means both a festival in Tromsø and a digital program, TIFF Digital, for those that cannot attend in person. Read more about our guidelines and preventive measures here

Where can I get the program catalogue and program calendar?

The catalogue and program has arrived and you can pick it up at Aurora kino Fokus in their opening hours. The catalogue can be bought in combination with the festival wristlet, and the program (also known as the pocket program) is free of charge. The program catalogue will also be made available in our catalogue archive here on the website.

Where can I find the TIFF and TIFF Digital program?

You can find our full program here. There you will also find the calender for our screenings in Tromsø and TIFF Digital.

When does the ticket sale start?

The ticket sale for both screenings in Tromsø and TIFF Digital starts on Thursday January 13th at 11.00 am.

Where can I buy tickets?

This years ticket sale will be online only, both at tiff.no (purchase links in the film descriptions and in the calender) and at ticketco.no. Read more about this years ticket sale here.

Is there a limitation to how many tickets I can purchase per screening?

No, you can purchase as many tickets as there are available.

How can I find the value of my gift card?

The value should be written on the note that looks like a ticket, if not you can check the balance at ticketco.no using the reference code on the ticket.

Can I use a TIFF ticket card for TIFF Digital?

Yes, a ticket card can be used on TIFF Digital just as you do on regular TIFF screenings. We hope you'll want to check this out if you are unable to attend the festival in Tromsø.

Do I need a Festival Wristlet?

You need a festival wristlet (armband) to attend regular screeings during TIFF, but you do not need it to watch films in the TIFF Digital program remotely.

How do I buy tickets with a carer certificate?

Choose the carer certificate category (ledsagerbevis) when buying a ticket online. Carers need to show their certificate along with their ticket when entering the theatre.

What will the industry program and social events look like at TIFF 2022?

The program for film industry will be limited, but some events will remain. Our traditional opening conference can be streamed online. On Tuesday industry can attend the XN seminar (held in Norwegian) for film industry and creatives, tickets are now available.

Social events such as parties and meet-ups will be very limitied due to current regulations in Norway.

Can accredited guests collect tickets before the festival starts?

Accredited guests (press, industry, delegates) can collect tickets on the day before and the day of the screening. Meaning that the first accredited tickets for Mondays screenings will be available from Sunday. There will be a portion of tickets per screening on hold for accredited guests.

How does TIFF Digital work for Festival Friends?

Unfortunately, due to this years limited capacity we are not able to offer festival friend memberships for TIFF 2022.

Are the films subtitled?

Unless the dialogue is in English, all films will have English subtitles. Exeptions may occur, and this will be specified on the film's page.

Wondering about anything else regarding TIFF Digital?

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Do you have other questions?

Contact us by email at info@tiff.no or by telephone 77 75 30 90.