Here you will find information on where, when and how to buy tickets, gift cards and related products to TIFF 2023.

When can I buy tickets?

The ticket sale for TIFF 2023 is open.

On our website you can browse the program, see trailers, bookmark films - and buy your tickets.

Buy tickets

Her you can buy ticket cards and tickets for screenings and events.

Buy tickets

Rush Tickets

Unused tickets for film screenings are sold as Rush Tickets at the venues just before the screening starts.

N.B. If you have bought a ticket and arrive too late for the screening, your seat might be sold as a rush ticket. 


Do you have any questions about tickets?

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Ticket cards

For the person who wants to watch many films

If you are going to watch many films during TIFF, it pays off to buy ticket cards with 12 or 22 tickets. The cards are not personal and can therefore be shared with others. 


Ticket card 12: 1560,-

Ticket card 22: 2596,-

Ordinary tickets: 140,-


A taste of TIFF for a great price

Our special offer to students. Read more about the student ticket card and other offers.  

Price ticket card:

Festival friend

For the true TIFF enthusiast 

As festival friend you will be able to buy tickets before the ordinary ticket sales opens. This means you can secure tickets to the screenings you want to watch, without risking that they are sold out. At the same time you are supporting the festival. You will also get a membership to Cinemateket, as well as invitations to selected events.  

Single membership:
Double membership:


Invite a friend you wish to share the experience with!

The bring-a-friend campaign gives you the possibility to bring a friend for free on selected screenings and events. 


You can buy the catalogue, TIFF hats and other products at our Support Lounge at Kulturhuset or at Aurora Cinema Fokus. 

Opening hours for the Support Lounge at Kulturhuset: 

Mon January 9th: 08:30 – 18:00

Tue-Sun January 10th– 15th: 11:00 – 18:00

Mon-Sun January 16th – 22nd: 08:30 – 22:00