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Have a look at the program from the 32nd edition of TIFF, which took place on 17-23 January 2022.


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TIFF Digital


A selection of internationally acclaimed and artistically challenging films are competing for the Aurora Prize. The films in competition are also eligible for the FIPRESCI International Critics’ Awardand the FICC Don Quixote Prize. All films have their Norwegian premiere at the 2022 Tromsø International Film Festival.


The Horizons sidebar features a selection of top-quality films from all over the world, covering a wide range of genres and styles. The only criteria here is quality. This program is based on the festival’s vision: to challenge and contribute to human beings’ personal growth through the films we are presenting to our audience.

Films from the North Features

Critics' Week

TIFF and the Norwegian Film Critics' Association are pleased to present four films chosen by Norwegian film critics. The selection is based on the individual film critic's personal preference. The sidebar also includes four Norwegian feature films from last year, selected by TIFF and the film website Montages, and presented by critics and film scholars at the screenings. Please note that introductions by Norwegian critics will be held in Norwegian.

Winter Cinema

The Winter Cinema on Stortorget will be the coolest and biggest venue for physical screenings at the festival. Remember warm clothing!

All outdoor screenings are free of charge. Due to our pandemic prevention protocol, everyone still needs a ticket. Free tickets are available from the 13th of January.

TIFF Digital

For the 2nd time in TIFF's history, a selection of films will be available to watch online!

The Price of Inequality

In 2015, TIFF featured a side program about inequality, and since then, this topic has only become more actual, which is why we have chosen to take up this thematic again 7 years later.

In this program, you will find films that reflect on the divisions between people, both in professional and private spheres. What happens to society and to people when inequalities increase? Through 8 exciting and dramatic films, we follow people and their relations to one another and to society at large.

Special Screenings

A special screening is not like other screenings, to point out the obvious. This section offers a whole range of unique film experiences, like film concerts in the closed-down swimming pool Alfheim and screenings at our outdoor Winter Cinema on Stortorget. Most of these screenings are also singular in the sense that they take place only once during the festival, so this might be the place to start planning your schedule.

Retrospective: Mia Hansen-Løve

Mia Hansen-Løve is one of contemporary French cinema’s most compelling directors. Since her feature film debutAll is Forgiven, she has created effortlessly light but at the same time existential dramas about modern people. We explore her filmography with screenings of four of her previous films. 


As the name indicates, these films are set in overdrive: they are a bit rougher, crazier, funnier – and in some cases a bit sicker than the average festival film. So buckle up, and hang on for your dear life.

East Side Stories

In the spirit of the historically close ties between Tromsø and our neighbors in the East, Tromsø International Film Festival aims to promote cultural exchange between our countries by presenting new films from the north-east. Since 2002, this program has been a regular sidebar for feature films and documentaries from Russia and the ex-Soviet republics. 

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