Watch the Master Class with Ethan Coen & Tricia Cooke!

Publisert 20.03.2024 — Sandra Aminda Indahl

As their new film Drive-Away Dolls is about to be released in Norway, we have the pleasure of publishing the special edition of Film Talk with directors Ethan Coen & Tricia Cooke, held during the 34. Tromsø International Film Festival. Moderated by Kaleem Aftab, the inspiring Master Class touch upon crafting stories and characters, the creation of several of the early Coen Brothers masterpieces, as well as their upcoming new film together.

The Master Class took place January 19th at KulturHuset in Tromsø and can now be seen here.

Video: Florian Morel and Stian Andreassen Edit: Montages

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