World premiere at TIFF 2022: Bukta Sessions

Imagine a punk band from Kjøllefjord playing in the "Santa House" in Mehamn, or a rock duo equipped with a full festival backline playing in the middle of Sennalandet - this is the essence of Bukta Sessions. Directed by Carl Christian Lein Størmer, the documentary features a series of live music videos with artists from all over the Northern region.

Publisert 29.11.2021 — Hanna Hjelmeland

Photo: Buktafestivalen

Eight different artists, from eight different parts of the region, with different starting points, dreams and goals. But they all share a love for music and its power of expression. The stories told are enforced by cinematic effects, unique locations and conversations with the people surrounding the musicians.

Initated by local music festival "Bukta" and directed by Carl Christian Lein Størmer, the project first started out as an effort to create activity in the music industry during the pandemic standstill. When the world drastically changed in March 2020 and gathering a physical audience was no longer possible, the industry suffered greatly. Bukta therefore had to rethink their ways of working in order to maintain, and further develop the regions rock scene.

As the project progressed it shifted from being a "pandemic project" and turned into something else. The result is a documentary where artistic representation, interdiciplinary collaboration and unique locations tell the story of the Northern Norway music scene. Bukta Sessions puts the spotlight on artists whom often are excluded from the national music industrys more centralized focus.

The film has involved all aspects of the industry, from artist to stage crew. Through a musical prism of unique moments it reveals big and small peculiarities in Northern Norway soul and history. Bukta Sessions will have its world premiere at TIFF 2022.

Carl Christian Lein Størmer (b. 1982) is an award-winning filmmaker and musician from Tromsø. He has produced several short films, concert films and music videos and has previously screened There's Always Next Season(2019) and "Everything is Gonna Be Okay?" (2021) at TIFF.

Bukta music festival x TIFF
Photo from article in regional newspaper Nordlys about BUKTA SESSIONS. From the left; TIFF Festival Director Lisa Hoen, Head of Booking at Bukta Isak Harbitz, Bukta Festival Director Marianne Saus, Head of Communication at TIFF John-Kristian Dalseth, from Aromatic Ooze: Lisa Magnussen Bakkelund and Kristian Lamvik, from A Million Pineapples; Mie Bergh. Photo: Marte Hotvedt/Nordlys

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