Welcome to Art@TIFF!

This year, TIFF is happening entirely digitally, but you will also be able to enjoy some of the art events taking place around the festival in their physical form.

Publisert 17.01.2021 — Håvard Stangnes

When strolling around the city center, you’ll see Kurant’s Rom på rundgang, with art films screened in the windows of former tourist shops; at the Tromsø Kunstforening, the exhibition Artists’ Film International will be awaiting you, with an video program curated around the theme of “language;” and outside Rådstua, KINOBOX presents an outdoors projection of Britt Al-Busultan’s new video work.

All events are free of charge.

Kurant presents: Rom på rundgang

Locations: Kaigata 2A + 2B, Kaigata 3
18 - 25 january 09:00 - 23:00.
Get-together: 19 january 18:00

Kurant Visningsrom presents an experimental art and film programme, Rom på rundgang that raises the question 'how does a city like Tromsø define itself beyond tourism?'.
By filling the windows of tourist shops, now closed and empty due to the pandemic, with artist' moving image works and an installation, Rom på rundgang seeks to explore the new possibilities presented in these temporarily empty spaces; for culture and for community.

Rom på rundgang is a direct response to Tromsøs ever increasing push towards tourism. The project is a curatorial collaboration between SCOTTY (Berlin), Juliane Zelwies and Kurant.

TROMSØ KUNSTFORENING: Artists’ Film International

Location: Tromsø Kunstforening
Opening: January 15 at 18:00. Open untill April 18, 2021

Artists’ Film International is a collaborative project featuring film, video and animation from around the world. Established by the Whitechapel Gallery in 2008, AFI includes 20 global partner organisations. Each organisation selects an exciting recent work by an artist from their region which is shared amongst the network. The programme is adapted to every venue and is shown over the course of a year. The Artists’ Film International 2020 programme responds to the theme of language. Local sounds, rituals and political realities feature, from the rhythms and images.

Britt Al-Busultan at KINOBOX

Location: Outside Rådstua
21-23 January, kl 15:00 - 19:00

Dedicated artists' film space, KINOBOX, presents a new, site specific work for TIFF from Britt Al-Busultan, projected into a transitional outdoor space outside Rådstua.

Moving image artist Britt Al-Busultan (FI), works at the border between filmmaking, performance and cinema, using the materiality of 16mm film and its projection to delve into deeper questions about experience itself. Constructing invented stories, she imagines our future reality based on current knowledge and experience, and outdated technologies.

KINOBOX is a micro-cinema – an intimate screening space dedicated to showing artists’ moving-image in Rådstua basement, in the centre of Tromsø. The KINOBOX is initiated, run and curated by Ruth Aitken and Sarah Schipschack.

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