Name of the Game by Håvard Bustnes to TIFF 2022

The new documentary by Håvard Bustnes will have its Norwegian premiere at TIFF in January

Publisert 03.12.2021 — Hanna Hjelmeland

Photo: Storytelling Media

More than 20 years have passed since the first time filmmaker Håvard Bustnes thought about making a documentary about Trond Giske, then one of Norway's most promising young politicians. The idea was to follow him up until the day he possibly became Prime Minister, but Giske never responded when Bustnes reached out. Meanwhile he continued climbing like a shooting star on the political ladder. Everyone talked about his success and great talent for politics, but then stories of inappropriate behaviour towards women started spreading.

A tremendous media pressure, whistle blowers, video leaks and allegations of political power struggle led to Giske’s withdrawal as deputy leader of the Norwegian Labour Party. Why did new stories continue to surface about him? After media published the first accusations of sexual assault against Giske in 2017 Bustnes reached out once more. A few months later he heard back from Giske, he was willing to meet with him. Bustnes follows Giske as he launches his political comeback, travelling through Trøndelag with a caravan painted "Labour Party red" meeting his supporters.

- NAME OF THE GAME is a well-made and interesting film about politics, power, the #metoo movement and the role of the media. We follow Giske closely and the development of his political career after the first accusations are made against him. The film shows how the #metoo movement have affected Norwegian politics, society and led to a change in attitude for all of us. It is a relevant film about a very important phenomenon in our time, says Festival Director at TIFF Lisa Hoen.

NAME OF THE GAME Photo: Storytelling Media

    Håvard Bustnes is a recognized and award-winning filmmaker who has directed and produced documentaries for more than 20 years. He had his international breakthrough with BIG JOHN in 2008 which received several awards including the Amanda Award for best Documentary.

    He has had films at several of the world´s biggest film festivals. His documentary GOLDEN DAWN GIRLS about the Greek alt-right extremist party Golden Dawn was screened at TIFF in 2018.

    - Bustnes is one of Norway’s best documentary filmmakers og we are so pleased to have him return to TIFF with NAME OF THE GAME. He gets in close with the people and environments he is portraying and always treats important matters in a balanced way, says Hoen.

    Håvard Bustnes TIFF 2018
    Håvard Bustnes was at TIFF in 2018 presenting his previous film GOLDEN DAWN GIRLS. Here with then festival director Martha Otte. Photo: Jamie Michael Bivard

      Having lived in Tromsø until he was 8 years old, Bustnes looks forward to showing his new film in his former hometown.

      - TIFF always has the best films from all over the world, therefore I'm very proud and happy that they've chosen to include NAME OF THE GAME in this year’s program. I'm really excited for a Norwegian audience to see the film and doing that in my childhood town where I myself went to the cinema for the first time makes it extra special.

        NAME OF THE GAME had its world premiere at IDFA in Amsterdam in November and will have its Norwegian premiere at TIFF on January 18th.

        Watch the trailer here (in Norwegian only).

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