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The planning for next year’s festival is underway!

Publisert 02.07.2021 — John-Kristian Dalseth

Festival Director Lisa Hoen Photo: Marius Fiskum

Summer is upon us, but as soon as the autumn and winter darkness returns, so will the film festivals in Tromsø. First up is our children’s film festival TIFF Junior in September, before finally we’ll be ready for another edition of TIFF in January!

After the 2021 edition of TIFF ended up as a fully digital event, with the exception of our popular winter cinema at Stortorget in the city center, the festival is more motivated than ever to put on a new festival in 2022 where hopefully we’ll once again be able to welcome our audience back into the cinemas. The dates for the upcoming festival is January 17-23 and festival director Lisa Hoen is optimistic about the possibilities of having a festival closer to normal this time around.

- Our preparations for TIFF 2022 are moving forward and we hope that it will take place under a more normal setting come January. We’ve already planned several events for both audience and industry and we look forward to seeing everyone again!

For the past year and a half TIFF’s programming committee have had to rely on limited digital film festivals to watch films that could be interesting to bring to Tromsø, but like Norway the rest of Europe appears to slowly be re-opening. In France the prestigious Cannes film festival will take place between July 6-17 and in Italy the Venice Film Festival will run from September 1-11. TIFF’s programmers will be present at both of these, and hopefully some more later in the fall, looking for new high quality films that will strike a chord with our audiences come January.

Per usual the program for the upcoming festival will be presented in early December, but prior to this a few early treats will be announced to spark some excitement and expectations to shorten the wait for January!

- We have already booked quite a few films for next year’s TIFF. We’re actually seeing that the film industry is affected by the pandemic, with several films being smaller productions with limited participants, assumingly to accommodate the strict regulations the industry has to work under now. At the same time, we know there are many distributors that are waiting in the wings to launch their films as the pandemic draws to a close, so we believe this will be a good year for cinema. Now we’re ready to watch a lot of films in Cannes next week!

TIFF want to wish all our audiences, friends and collaborators a wonderful summer – and we’ll see you soon!

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