TIFF removes the festival bracelet!

It will be easier than ever to share the festival experience

Publisert 20.09.2022 — Sandra Aminda Indahl

The festival bracelet has had a strong symbolism in the form of belonging and togetherness. If you were going to watch a film during TIFF you had to buy a membership to the festival in the form of a festival bracelet. The bracelet in combination with tickets gave the audience access to the festival screenings.

- The bracelet has had a nice symbolism for the festival, and it has given the audience the opportunity to spot other festival participants. It has been a good conversation starter, Says Lisa Hoen Festival and Program Director at TIFF.

For the audience watching many films during the festival the price of the festival bracelet was perceived as low, especially since you also got the physical catalog with the purchase. If you for some reason only have the opportunity to watch one or two films, the bracelet could be a barrier.

Tromsø International Film Festival has now decided to remove the festival bracelet in order to create a more inclusive and accessible festival.

Kutte festivalpasset
There is no need for a festival bracelet at TIFF 2023.

- We know that the festival bracelet could be a threshold. We hope that this initiative will make it easier for new and old audiences to connect with the festival. The festival bracelet creates a longer journey for the public who, for various reasons can only participate “a little”. We want the festival to be accessible to them too, says Hoen.

Continues with the catalog

The festival bracelet has previously included a physical catalog. With the removal of the bracelet, the catalog will be sold individually.

- A lot of festival participants do not care for the physical edition of the catalogue, especially now that the program is so easy to navigate online. We still want to have the catalog available for those who prefer to read the program on paper, says Hoen.

It will be possible to browse a digital edition of the catalog online, in addition to reading about the films in the film reviews on tiff.no. The physical edition of the festival catalog will be available to buy over the counter.

Early bird – Ticket Cards for sale now

Now that there is no need for a festival bracelet it is easier then ever to share the festival experience with a colleague, friend, family member or neighbor. TIFF ticket cards to a reduced price are now available in our webshop and they are easier than ever to share!

It is time to get ready for TIFF!

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