Political and social differences in powerful program

What happens to society and people when inequality continues to rise?

Publisert 08.12.2021 — John-Kristian Dalseth

Still from the film ALI & AVA by director Clio Barnard.

TIFF presents the sidebar "The Price of Inequality", counting eight films all in which the filmmakers focus on what sets people apart, both in working life and living situations. 

TIFF had a sidebar on inequality in 2015, and the topic has become even more relevant since then. Even though we all agree that a rise in inequality is bad, that is exactly what happens in the world today.

The Good Boss
Javier Bardem stars in the Spanish drama THE GOOD BOSS by director Fernando León de Aranoa.

In Norway and in Tromsø this has been expressed through hefty debates on housing prices and how young people hardly can afford to settle down in the big cities. On an international level inequality grows as well. This is also reflected in the film industry and therefore we chose to return to the topic seven years later.

Between Two World
Juliette Binoche stars in the French film BETWEEN TWO WORLD by director Emmanuel Carrère.

Read more about the films in the sidebar program "The Price of Inequality" here!

Video av Emma Nordström

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