The audience wants to support Ukrainian filmmakers

During screenings of BUTTERFLY VISION, the audience asked for information on how they could support Ukraine.

Publisert 23.01.2023 — Sandra Aminda Indahl

In the side bar East Side Stories, we have given room to voices that can say something valuable about the countries and stories of our eastern neighbors. One of the films that played a central role in this side program this year was the Ukrainian film BUTTERFLY VISION

The film was well received by the festival's audience and producer Darya Bassel was given the opportunity to present the film at the festival.

— Darya Bassel had a good dialogue with the audience after the screenings of BUTTERFLY VISION. The film is about the war situation, but was made before the escalation in February 2022, says festival director Lisa Hoen.

Butterfly Vision Q&A
Festival director Lisa Hoen together with producer Darya Bassel during Q&A after the screening of BUTTERFLY VISION at TIFF 2023. Photo: Mazz Cummings.

— Several members of the audience asked us how we in Norway can help Ukraine. We at TIFF therefore want to encourage the audience to support Ukrainian filmmakers who are working in Ukraine to document the war situation. Many of these are in a dangerous and difficult situation, says Hoen.

Through DOCU/HELP you can support the Ukrainian film industry by:

Supporting filmmakers

DOCU/HELP supports filmmakers by providing them with the most necessary filming equipment without which it is impossible to continue filming and working (such as batteries, hard drives, memory cards, chargers, adapters, microphones, replacements for damaged lenses, etc.). We will also help cover the costs of fuel, medicine and first aid kits, as well as basic needs in emergency situations (one-time payments of up to 4,000 UAH).

Supporting DOCU DAYS UA

DOCU DAYS UA is Ukraine's largest documentary film festival. The festival is usually held in Kiev the last week in March. The festival is an important arena for the Ukrainian film industry.

Read more about DOCU/HELP

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