The program for Silent Film Days 2023 is ready!

Classic silent films are paired with newly composed music by contemporary musicians.

Publisert 21.03.2023 — TIFF

April 19-22, you get the chance to experience 8 different silent film concerts at Verdensteatret in Tromsø.

Local Artists

This year, the event has invited several exciting musicians and artists from Northern Norway, ranging from psychedelic rhythms to electronic pop and metal. Some of the artists include nonne, Charlotte Bendiks, Elfrida, Kinsella, Slugwar, and ATTAN.

- There are many young talents in the electronic and rock genres in Tromsø and the surrounding region, says Lisa Hoen, Festival Director.

The performances by Elfrida, Kinsella, and nonne are developed under the guidance of mentor Gaute Barlindhaug through Insomnia's talent program, Cloud Exit.

Charlotte Bendiks will perform her dark and psychedelic music to accompany the silent film, THE ABYSS, which was once censored in Norway and Sweden due to an apparent erotic scene. In THE ABYSS, the story follows Magda, a piano teacher who is engaged to the son of a priest named Knud. She is nevertheless charmed by the sexy and handsome circus artist Rudolf and decides to run away with him. The film features a sensational love triangle and a notorious dance scene that shocked audiences at the time.

The Abyss / Charlotte Bendiks

- We have been wanting to collaborate with Charlotte for a long time and we have finally found the perfect sensual and sexy film to match her music, says Hoen.

Also for the silent film THE GENERAL, we get to meet the music of a local band, Slugwar. The band, consisting of Sindre Kielland and Fredrik Sandvik Olsen, blends elements from noise-rock, post-rock, hardcore, and shoegaze into a boundary-breaking avant-garde, but at the same time rhythmic soundscape. In combination with THE GENERAL, based on a true story from the American Civil War, full of stunts and drama, this becomes an action-packed experience.


A musical reunion

Silent Film Days 2023 will feature a reunion with Kjetil Schjander Luhr and John Sweeney. Both musicians and pianists have long been working to create silent film magic through their atmospheric tones.

Kjetil Schjander Luhr has played for Cinemateket in Oslo's own silent film festival. Under Luhr's leadership, the films are given a musical costume that encompasses both the musical clichés and inspirations of the 1920s, as well as styles and techniques from more recent film history. In Luhr's film musical universe, however, storytelling and the film's own premises always take precedence—the goal is a soundtrack that makes you forget the film is silent. This year he will perform under SAFETY LAST! / Live: Kjetil Schjander Luhr, which is set up in collaboration with the Children's Film Club.

The British pianist John Sweeney has been noted since 1990 for his powerful and mood-setting music for silent films. He is a regular pianist at The National Film Archive in London and has traveled the world as a silent film pianist.

- John Sweeney is considered to be London's best silent film pianist, says Hoen.

Sweeney is a regular at The Silent Film Days and has composed and performed music for, among others, SHERLOCK JR. and EROTIKON during The Silent Film Days 2022. This year, he will provide music for the silent film MANOLESCU, the story of George Manolescu, a man who lives beyond his means. With the finest silent film technique, we are treated to an exciting love and crime drama.


Bring a friend - for free!

In collaboration with Samfunnsløftet in Sparebank1 Nord-Norge, you can bring a friend for free when you buy regular tickets for certain performances at The Silent Film Days 2023. There is a limited number of tickets per performance, so remember to be early.

You can buy festival passes and tickets for The Silent Film Days 2023 here.

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