A new and exciting partnership on design!

Hei Yo Studio steps in as a new partner for design at Tromsø International Film Festival and their first major project is TIFF 2023!

Publisert 15.09.2022 — Sandra Aminda Indahl

TIFF has a tradition of presenting a new visual profile every year. When spring approaches and it is time to look ahead the festival starts a design process that says something about how it wants to enter the new festival year

- The annual profile is an important part of TIFF and it sets the mood for the festival. The goal is a visual expression that the public notices and that you can feel free to comment on, says Lisa Hoen, Festival Director at TIFF.

In addition to developing the design for TIFF 2023, Hei Yo Studio will work with profile and design for Silent Film Days, TIFF Junior and Verdensteatret – Cinematheque in Tromsø.

- It’s going to be very exciting to work with the many projects the festival covers. We believe there will be a lot of positive wibes and good opportunities to develop design solutions that are outside of what is expected and perhaps even a bit challenging to the audience. TIFF dares, and we like that, says Christopher Ide, designer at Hei Yo Studio.

Hei Yo Studio
From the left: Liv Ragnhild Kjellman, Christopher Ide, TIFF and Alexander Flohr.

To work with TIFF, Hei Yo Studio has put together a team of three designers with broad expertise consisting of Alexander Flohr, Liv Ragnhild Kjellman and Christopher Ide. Both Liv-Ragnhild and Christopher are well acquainted with TIFF. Christopher has worked with profile design for TIFF through his previous work in TANK design Tromsø and Liv-Ragnhild has illustrated a “Visual essay from TIFF 2021”. Alexander has worked as an independent designer in Munich since 2003 and contributes with an international perspective.

- In many ways, Hei Yo Studio represents something that fits very well with TIFF's own identity. They are rooted both locally and internationally and in addition to having a good knowledge of the festival, they also have Alexander, who gives us the opportunity to get to know the festival through new eyes. I also believe that his international network can give us access to new profile expressions, says Sandra Aminda Indahl, Head of communications at TIFF.

“Hei Yo Studio is a playground for delightful projects with passionate people. With roots in branding and graphic design, the studio is ambitious to explore different perspectives and new horizons. Let's create!»

We look forward to seeing how the profile is shaped and applied during the months leading up to TIFF 2023!

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