Mie Bergh will open Tromsø Silent Film Days 2024!

The multi-talented musician Mie Bergh will be opening Tromsø Silent Film Days 2024 with THE GIRL IN TAILS, a social satire that tackles gender roles and societal sanctimoniousness.

Publisert 11.03.2024 — Sandra Aminda Indahl

The opening takes place at Verdensteatret on Thursday, April 18th, at 19:00.

- I have had great joy working on this film! It is humorous but also addresses serious themes and genuine emotions. At its core, it is built on a feminist theme executed in a clever and subtle manner, serving as a foundation without overshadowing the film's storyline, says musician Mie Bergh.

In THE GIRL IN TAILS by Karin Swanström (1926) we meet Katja who wants to attend her graduation ball, but her strict father won’t give her any money for a dress. Her brother is treated quite differently and has his closet full of shirts and silk ties. When Katja decides to appear at the party in her brother’s tails – drinking, smoking cigars and dancing with other women, she causes a scandal in the village. Her father throws her out of their home, and she seeks refuge in her friends’s mansion meeting a bunch of lesbian intellectuals. This is a fun feminist comedy about female resistance and joyful play with gender roles.

The Girl in Tails

Through a collaboration with Insomnia's talent program, Cloud Exit, Bergh was selected as one of several artists to test themselves as a silent film composer at Tromsø Silent Film Days. The fact that Mie has been chosen to be the opening act is because of her talent.

- Mie is a talented musician we have been following for a long time. She has been a TIFF artist with the band A Million Pineapples and played at our closing party this year. It has been exciting to see Mie evolve into a solo artist – she has an energetic stage presence and uses many instruments, so it will be very enjoyable to see what she comes up with for The Girl in Tails. This is a film that aligns well with Mie in mood and tone, says TIFF festival director Lisa Hoen.

Bergh is currently pursuing a master's degree in rhythmic music with a laptop as an instrument at the Music Conservatory in Tromsø. She already holds a BA in classical percussion. Bergh gets to utilize all her musical skills in this project.

Mie Bergh at TIFF Closing Party 2024. Photo Magdalena Wojtas.

- I will blend various techniques in the music I create, using different genres and instruments, playing with space and silence, along with effects and motifs. I will try to use everything I have, to make it as interesting as possible for the audience and to make it fun and varied for myself, says Bergh.

As part of Cloud Exit, where Bergh is working on further developing herself as a solo artist, she receives guidance from Nasra Ali Omar.

- We are very pleased to collaborate with Insomnia, Talent Norge, and Samfunnsløftet on the development of new talents. Composing music for classic silent films is a new musical challenge for many, but also a stimulating and developmental one. This year, the experienced Nasra Ali Omar has been a mentor for the talents' work with silent film composition. She has previously worked on several musical concepts for the Silent Film Days in Tromsø, concludes Hoen.

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