How to get an overview of your tickets

Publisert 13.01.2023 — TIFF

To get an overview of your tickets you can use the app TicketCo WALLET.

This is how you use TicketCo WALLET:

1. Download the TicketCo WALLET app

Download the app either from the App Store for iPhone or from Google Play for others, open it and follow the instructions given by the app.

2. Upload previously bought tickets

If you have already bought some tickets for TIFF screenings before you started using the app, add the email adress you used to buy the tickets, in the app's profile page (press the three lines on the top left corner when you are on the app's main page and choose profile). If the correct email address is already there, you do not need to change it. When you have done this it might take some time before the previously bought tickets show up in the app, up to 5-6 hours. This does not apply to the tickets you buy directly in the app. We have written more about what you should do while you are waiting for the previously bought tickets to be uploaded to the app.

When the tickets are in the app, press Use in the "wheel" on the app's main page. Here you will find a QR code which contains all of your bought tickets. You can also find an overview of your tickets by pressing Active items. Tickets you have bought for other events, using the same email adress at TicketCo, will also appear here. 

3. If the tickets do not upload fast enough

If you are going to attend a screening where you need to show a previously bought ticket and it is still not uploaded to the WALLET app, you can log in to your email on your phone (either using a browser or an app) and show the QR code sent to your email when you bought the ticket. It is also possible to go to the Support Lounge at Kulturhuset and get the attached document printed out on paper in an A4 format. 

4. Buying tickets in WALLET 

Even if it is possible to buy tickets in the app, we recommended to use the app only for storage/overview of your tickets. You can buy the tickets on our website or at the website for TicketCo. 

If you still want to buy tickets directly in the app, choose Buy and and search for the name of the film or event you want to watch/attend. Look for Tromsø International Filmfestival in the boxes that pop up, so you are sure you choose the correct film screenings or events. 

If the film does not appear when you search for it, double check that the name is written correctly and that the you have chosen Norway for country in the profile.  

5. Are you accredited?

For those of you who have accreditation we recommend that you get your tickets through TIFF's website or TicketCo's website.

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