Free film screenings for youths during TIFF!

Together with Ung Kulturrabatt and the youth center Tvibit, TIFF will offer free film screenings for youths aged 15-19 during the festival in January. The selected film screenings will be presented in a side program created by and for youths: TIFF UNG.

Publisert 01.12.2023 — TIFF

Youths who love films

The films in the side program have been chosen by the youths themselves as part of the collaborative project TIFF UNG. In this project TIFF, along with Tvibit, recruited youths aged 15-19 with a shared interest in films, ranging from dreaming of working in the film industry to simply love watching films. 

-TIFF UNG adds incredible value to our festival. They give us an invalaluable insight into young audiences, and they are creative and skilled at both presenting and marketing. The advice and feedback we recieve from them are brutally honest and very concrete, making them extremely useful, says Astrid Aure Project Leader for Children and Youth at TIFF.

TIFF UNG at TIFF Kick-off 2024. Photo: Jamie Michael Bivard.

This fall the 18 youths that's part of TIFF UNG have watched a variety of films, and chosen few who will be shown during TIFF 2024. These movies have been chosen based on what the youths themselves like, but also what can challenge them both visually and thematically.

-Working with the youths in TIFF UNG is one of the most inspiring, fun, and meaningful things I do. The engagement of this year's group is fantastic, and they have really impressed us. The films they have chosen are truly exciting and powerful - and a very diverse selection! Aure says.

This year's TIFF Ung program

The film descriptions for the side program are written from the youth's own words.

In The Cord of Life (2022, Sixue Qiao), Alus moves his Alzheimer's-afflicted mother back to the village she grew up in, believing she will fare better there than confined to his brother's city apartment. Although the film is slow-paced, it is far from boring and has a good mix of serious segments and light-hearted and cheerful moments.

-A film with extremely good visuals and incredible music, says Nicolay, 17 years.

From the programrelease 2024 TIFF UNG. Photo: Angel Sophia Agbayani

These films are not recommended adults

The Sweet East (2023) by Sean Price Williams is a film unlike most others. Even though it's described as a twist on Alice in Wonderland, don't get hung up on the comparison. High school student Lillian gets lost on a class trip, marking the beginning of a wild journey through cities and forests in the USA. Here, she encounters fascists, neo-Nazis, filmmakers, and religious fanatics, among others.

-It's a timely and timeless film about American stereotypes taken to the extreme and absurd, says Adrian, 17 years.

Dicks! The Musical (2023) by Larry Charles is not a film you would recommend for adults. Chaotic and filled with extreme humor, this is the weirdest film you haven't seen yet. Two men realize they are twins, and as they get to know each other, they become obsessed with their genitals, triggering a rivalry over who has the biggest ego.

-A funny film with a slightly different humor. A perfect watch for relaxing, says Breanna, 16 years.

The biggest thing the youths think about the film selection: They are worth watching on the big screen!

Get your free tickets at Fokus 

Free tickets can be obtained 1 hour before the screenings at Fokus Aurora Kino, and the screening time for these films will be announced on December 20, 2023.

Ung Kulturrabatt is an offer for youths in Tromsø, providing discounts on various cultural events in the city. This makes it easier for youths to participate in various cultural events, and TIFF is very pleased to offer cinema experiences for free to youths.

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