Films from the North at Riddu Riđđu

TIFF in great collaboration with Riddu Riđđu!

Publisert 27.06.2023 — Sandra Aminda Indahl

Riddu Riđđu festivála's Indigenous film program marks its 20th anniversary this year. The Urfilm program has a tradition of highlighting Indigenous filmmakers and films with an Indigenous theme, often in short film format. On the occasion of this year's anniversary, Europe's largest original film festival is joining forces with another well-established cultural institution in the region, the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF). The two festivals have collaborated for a number of years, and this year TIFF will be visible on several of Riddu Riđđu's program items, including film and seminar programmes.

Film enthusiasts among the Riddu Riđđu audience can look forward to the short film program "Films from the North" curated by TIFF, with titles such as IVALU, Unborn Biru, The Land of Whispering Stars, and Shaman's Apprentice.

Festival director at TIFF, Lisa Hoen, is looking forward to the collaboration:

- TIFF presents a bunch of short films with indigenous people as a theme from our Film from the North programme. In addition, we are showing the genre film SLASH/BACK by Nyla Innuksuk starring some very tough young girls from Nunavut. This is an Inuit science fiction film, and you can only look forward to seeing zombie-like polar bears and reindeer!

SLASH/BACK by Nyla Innuksuk

Festival director at Riddu Riđđu, Sajje Solbakk, is ready to celebrate 20 years of Indigenous original film programme:

- We know that for many in our audience, coming into the Nisga'a Longhouse and enjoying a wide range of Indigenous films is a highlight. If there's one thing we never tire of, it's Indigenous stories conveyed by talented filmmakers with an Indigenous background. The collaboration with TIFF is evident in the program this year, and it is a great honor to celebrate our Indigenous film program with them!

These are the films selected to be a part of Films from the North at Riddu Riđđu:

Feature film

SLASH/BACK | Nyla Innuksuk | Canada | 2022 |


UNBORN BIRU | Inga Elin Marakatt | Sápmi, Norway | 2022 | 

THE LAND OF WHISPERING STARS | Belaya zemlya | RUSSIA | 2022 | 

SHAMAN'S APPRENTICE | Zacharias Kunuk | Canada | 2021

SMILEY | Jon Muotka Pedersen, Gerry Lister | Sápmi, Norway | 2023 |

UNBORN BIRU by Inga Elin Marakatt

In addition to the film programme, Riddu Riđđu festivála offers a wide program for the whole family, and free tent camping on the festival grounds. Tickets on sale now at

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