The three film concerts will take place at beautiful Alfheim swimming hall.

Publisert 20.12.2021 — Hanna Hjelmeland

Photo: in 2022 our film concerts will be at Alfheim public pool!

Film concerts have always been an important part of the film festival and in our 2022 program there are three musical treats to look forward to. Our traditional silent film concert, in collaboration with Russian artists, is WOMEN OF RYAZAN from 1927 by Olga Preobrazhenskaya. Musicians are Diana Makeeva and Lin Valentine from Russia and Norwegian Marianne Halmrast and Herborg Rundberg. Rundberg is also musical director.

The two other film concerts are from the 2021 Films from the North program “Lockdown”. The band Iran Mayen from Tromsø was supposed to play their film concert KORONA at TIFF 2021, but the performance was postponed when the festival had to be digital only. The film concert later had its premiere at Silent Film Days at Verdensteatret in April but will in 2022 finally be performed at Alfheim public pool as intended from the start.

The film EALÁT was shown in the digital program in 2021 but will appear as something quite extraordinary at this year's festival. Director and artist Elle Márjá Eira will perform the film soundtrack live together with a full band of musicians; Morten H. Pettersen, Johannes Garam Liebig, Lucy Parnell, Terry Edwards and Dermot Sheedy.

All film concerts will be at Alfheim public pool. Maximum capacity at these shows are 50 persons in line with current regulation, hence this will be some very exclusive and unforgettable film concerts – certainly among the high lights at TIFF 2022.

All three concerts are currently sold out. We hope to be able to increase capacity should regulations allow for it. 

Wednesday January 19th 21.00 - Elle Márjá Eira: Ealát

Friday January 21st 21.00 - Barentsband: Women of Ryazan

Saturday January 22nd 21.00 - Iran Mayen: Korona

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