TIFF 2021 is on!

In less than three months we are ready to welcome you to the 31st Tromsø International Film Festival. The first films from the program is just around the corner. And you can now buy ticket cards with our special early bird discount.

Publisert 29.10.2020 — Håvard Stangnes

Festival Director Lisa Hoen. Photo: Tim Barclay

Even with the ongoing pandemic, January 18-24 it is due for TIFF 2021. We will host a festival, safe to our audience and staff.

In September the TIFF staff made the annual children's film festival TIFF Junior, and tried out how a festival can work out within the Covid-19 restrictions we all have to apply to these days. With some adjustements to a normal festival, it turned out  a great success.

- We experienced that people were ready for a shared festival experience after a long time with minimal contact and cultural input, says TIFF Festival Director Lisa Hoen.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions the TIFF 2021 experience will of course be somewhat different from a regular year. But with proper planning, good information to the public and a thorough health protocol, the January festival will be carried out in a good and safe way for both the audience, the staff and the hundreds of volunteers.

The local audience
- At TIFF 2021 we will need to program our screening schedule with fewer titles, a higher number of screenings per title and a bit more time between the screenings in order to clear and clean the theatres between films. But I think we'll be able to make a great festival for our audience, Festival Director Hoen says.

Due to the international travel restrictions, there will be fewer, if any international guests. But Lisa Hoen doesn't think this will ruin the festival experience for the TIFF audience.

- The local Tromsø audience has always been the cornerstone of TIFF, so I know the famous TIFF vibe is going to be great anyway!

Digital program
The first films fom the 2021 program is just around the corner,

- As usual, there will be plenty of quality films from all around the world. We can promise a high quality program of relevant new releases.

You can now purchase ticket cards with a special early bird discount if you make your move before November 12.

- We also plan for a digital program for those who can't travel to Tromsø or for other reasons can't participate in the festival event. Our ticket cards can also be used for both cinema screenings and digital screenings for those who wants to combine the two options, says Festival Director Lisa Hoen.

TIFF Junior avstand
In September the TIFF staff hosted the cildren's film festival TIFF Junior. Photo: Jamie M. Bivard

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