Check out the line-up for Tromsø Silent Film Days!

The program for Silent Film Days 2024 has launched, and 8 unique silent film concerts, in addition to a fun dance-mash up Verdensteatret is definitely the place to be April 18th to 21st.

Publisert 22.03.2024 — Sandra Aminda Indahl

The festival opens with the multi-talented musician Mie Bergh, who is composing and performing live music to the Swedish silent film THE GIRL IN TAILS – a delightful social satire that plays with gender roles.

Mie Bergh at TIFF Closing Party 2024. Photo: Magdalena Wojtas.

- I've had great joy working on this film! It's humorous, but at the same time addresses serious themes and real emotions, says musician Mie Bergh.


The program explores borders and limitations through several silent film productions. It reflects on the limitations people experienced in the silent film era and what we experience today. This is apparent in the opening film where the main character breaks out of the established social roles by attending a school ball in her brother's formal attire when she doesn't receive money from her father for suitable clothes.

This year's Barents project LIMITE / Live: Hedvig Mollestad & Barents Band, falls into this category.

LIMITE / Live: Hedvig Mollestad & Barents Band performing to a full house at TIFF 2024. Photo: Jacob De Hoop

- When TIFF presented LIMITE by Peixoto, an artist and poet who was interested in limitations and boundaries throughout his artistic career, I was immediately curious. It would be a perfect road onward thematically, and the contrast between the film’s “base”: Three people stuck together on a small boat with nothing surrounding them but the ocean, is also a treasure trove for musical inspiration, says musical director Hedvig Mollestad.

The epic silent film THIEF OF BAGDAD accompanied by Kjetil Schjander Luhr and Saleh Mahfoud with band breaks musical boundaries.


- In the silent film concert THIEF OF BAGDAD, it's more about the border between Hollywood clichés and dreams of the exotic from tales like One Thousand and One Nights, and the authenticity of the Arabic music performed on stage, says festival director Lisa Hoen.


The local band Cult Member, known for its energetic and heavy music, meets Benjamin Christensen's legendary and previously banned silent film HÄXAN for a strong and occasionally uncomfortable experience.

Image from HÄXAN

- Häxan is one of the most interesting films of the 1920s, which still appears as unique and fascinating more than a hundred years after it first meeting with the audience. It is absurd, rough, occasionally uncomfortable and confronting, but also full of pitch-dark humor and originality. Some of the guys in Cult Member have been involved in silent film concerts before, but as a band, they have never played to a silent film before. We're very excited to experience the result, says John-Kristian Dalseth, Manager at Verdensteatret Cinematheque.


In collaboration with Insomnia and their talent program Cloud Exit, musical talents are challenged to compose for and perform music to film. In addition to Mie Bergh, musicians Sebastian Brose and Trond Jervell have been selected. Brose, known under the artist name GOSTOSO, will improvise with sound clips for a fun dance mash-up on the dance floor at Verdensteatret Bar, while Jervell, who works at the intersection of ambient, musique concrete, and noise, will compose and perform live for the French film MÉNILMONTANT.

- Ménilmontant is a unique film from a time when we still hadn't defined exactly what a film is and should be, and directors could experiment and explore the film medium. Here, a melodramatic story is told in an innovative way, completely without intertitles or dialogue, but with direction and acting that emotionally affects you. Some of the scenes are iconic, but unfortunately, the film hasn't received the place it deserves in film history, says Hoen.


Every year, the festival presents one or more classical piano concerts in the program. This year, we get Buster Keaton's delightful humor and hopeless romance with THE NAVIGATOR, and both children and adults are invited to Tromsø Children's Film Club's collaborative screening of the fantastic comedy SHERLOCK JR.


- At Silent Film Days, you always have to experience a classic piano concert as it was when Verdensteatret was built more than 100 years ago. These comedies are suitable for everyone – and are a unique experience, concludes Hoen.


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