Tickets for TIFF 2022 are now on sale!

Tickets for TIFF 2022 are now on sale. To make sure you get the film tickets you want, we recommend buying them as soon as the ticket sale starts.

Publisert 13.01.2022 — Hanna Hjelmeland

Photo: Mats Gangvik

Article updated on January 14, 15:00

Capacity and updates

In accordance to the current rules and Covid-19 prevention guidelines there is a maximum capacity of 200 persons per screening, after the Government's latest update on January 13. Additional tickets will go on sale on Friday 14 January at 17.00/5pm. 

Online ticket sale

This year's ticket sale will be exclusively online, and not over the counter as it has been previous years. You can buy tickets at, where you'll find purchase link both in the film description and in the calender. Or you can buy your tickets at, where you find all our TIFF merchandise and products. Ticket card and festival bracelets are already on sale, and bought bracelet can be collected at Aurora Fokus Kino from January 8th. We recommend downloading the ticketco app to your phone for easy access to all your purchased tickets. 

TIFF Digital tickets

A selection of films from our festival program will be available for digital screening, TIFF Digital. Read about the 16 films here. TIFF Digital tickets go on sale in line with regular tickets 11.00 am January 13th. You kan use your ticket card to purchase TIFF Digital tickets, bracelet is not needed. More information about TIFF Digital here


Cost per ticket: 125,-

Festival bracelet and catalogue: 155,-

Festivalbracelet student: 125,-

Ticket to "TIFF UNG": 50,- (for youth between the age of 15-19 and for this selection of films. festival bracelet will be handed out by TIFF staff at screenings.)

Ticketcard 12 films: 1310,-

YOUNG25/Student: Ticket card with 2 films and festival bracelet: 270,-

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