Ticket sales 1-2-3

These steps will help you find films and buy tickets.

Publisert 08.01.2023 — TIFF

1. Find films in the program

At tiff.no you can explore this year's festival program! Search for films in our program sections, such as Overdrive or Horizons, or sort films A-Z based on title. 

Do you prefer to immerse yourself in the program on paper? The printed version of the festival catalogue is available to buy at Aurora Kino Fokus or in our online store. You can also find a digital version for free in our digital catalogue archive

2. Find the screening times in the calendar

The TIFF calendar gives you an overview of the screening times and venues for the different films. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the films, our Off Screen program and the screening venues. 

If you want a printed version of the calendar you can find it in our pocket program. It is easy to bring with you, small enough to keep in your pocket. You can collect this program at the Aurora Fokus Cinema or in our digital archive. 

3. Buy Ticket Cards - for those who want to see many films. 

For those you want to see many films it may pay off to buy ticket cards, which contain 12 or 22 tickets for you to use yourself or share with others. If you are a student you can buy our student ticket card with 3 tickets. 

4. Get your tickets online

All tickets are digital and you can buy them at tiff.no using the ticket links in the film descriptions, the calendar or at TicketCo. It is possible to buy single tickets, or use your ticket cards or gift cards.

When you have found the screening you want to watch, click to buy tickets and choose the number of tickets you want. You will then be asked if you have a voucher (ticket card/gift card) or if you want to pay by using a card. 

Remember to get tickets early to make sure to get a seat for the screening you want to attend. 

Do you have more questions about buying tickets?

Read more on our Support page and Frequently Asked Questions page.   

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