This year's TIFF band

This year’s TIFF band is the energetic indie pop band, A Million Pineapples!

Publisert 04.11.2022 — TIFF

In 2022 Tromsø International film festival decided to focus more on music by showcasing some of the skilled artists in the region. And so, the pop rock band, Ringo Moon, was chosen to become the first ever TIFF band. This year we are pleased to announce that TIFF is continuing this focus on music and has chosen yet another exciting and local band to make the festival soundtrack.

Indie pop from the north

A Million Pineapples are known for their energetic live shows, with captivating and playful songs.

The band has just gone through an exciting festival season, participating at festivals like Bukta Open Air Festival, Øya festival and by:larm. Now they are ready to enter year 2023 by creating the mood for Tromsø International Film Festival!

“We are really looking forward to it!”, says Mie Bergh from A Million Pineapples. “We already knew that TIFF is putting an emphasis on local bands, which we find super cool! So to be asked to be this year’s festival band is extra nice.”

A Million Pineapples playing live at Bukta Open Air Festival. Photo: Brage Pedersen

Want to make the TIFF sound

As the TIFF band for 2023, A Million Pineapples will play live at several events during TIFF. In addition, their music will help set the mood by being the soundtrack of the festival videos.

“A Million Pineapples is an established band that we have followed for many years. We are proud and humbled that they want to take part and create this year’s TIFF sound”, says Lisa Hoen, TIFF’s festival director.

Playing at the Kick-off 10th of november

The band will begin by playing at the Kick-off event for TIFF 2023, which takes place at Verdensteatret – Cinematek in Tromsø at the 10th of november at 19:00. The festival wishes both newcomers and old-timer audience to step into the warm cinema to enjoy a taste from the program, a concert and some thrilling surprises!

N.B. The Kick-off event will be in Norwegian. Stay updated here

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