Absurd, rough, and occasionally uncomfortable!

During this year's Silent Film Days, Benjamin Christensen's legendary and previously banned silent film HÄXAN meets the powerful music of the Tromsø band Cult Member.

Publisert 05.04.2024 — Sandra Aminda Indahl

Cult Member, known for their energetic and heavy music, takes on the exciting challenge of composing and performing live music for the dark silent film HÄXAN.

Truls Norbye from Cult Member shares his enthusiasm for the project.

Still image from the silent film HÄXAN

- It's going to be a lot of fun, but it's also a big challenge since most of us haven't done anything like this before. It's refreshing and challenging as we're forced to think a bit outside the box about how we work with our music, says Nordbye.

John-Kristian Dalseth, managing director at Verdensteatret - Cinematek, expresses his anticipation for this unique performance and the importance of including local talent.

- One of the most exciting things we do at Silent Film Days is to give local bands from Tromsø and Northern Norway the opportunity to play a completely unique type of concert. Some of the guys in Cult Member have been involved in silent film concerts before, but as a band, they've never played to a silent film before, and we're very excited to see the result, says Dalseth.

John-Kristian Dalseth welcomes Port Almond to the stage during the opening of Silent Film Days 2023. Photo: Jamie Michael Bivard.

Dalseth adds:

- Häxan is one of the most interesting films of the 1920s, which still appears as unique and fascinating more than a hundred years after it first met the audience. It's absurd, rough, and occasionally both uncomfortable and confronting, but also full of pitch-black humor and originality. The unique performance brings together the historical significance of the film and the power of modern music in a way that promises to engage and challenge the audience.

You can experience HÄXAN / Live: Cult Member Saturday 20th April 9:00 PM at Verdensteatret as part of Tromsø Silent Film Days. 

Tickets for sale now!

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