2 for 1 at the Silent Film Days

Bring a friend to the Silent Film Days

Publisert 12.04.2023 — TIFF

With support from Samfunnsløftet, Sparebank1 Nord-Norge, you now have the opportunity to bring a friend with you for free when you buy an ordinary ticket to the silent film concerts during the Silent Film Days 2023, 19.-22. April. 

We want more people to experience the magic of silent films. Perhaps you have a friend, neighbour, partner or family member who needs a break or new experiences? 

A varied programme

This year's festival programme is full of exciting musicians and silent films. 

Whether it's psychedelic rhytms, evocative piano tones, experimental jazz, electronic pop or metal, it will be a fantastic journey through various soundscapes that gives the classic films new dramatic layers. Among this year's artists you will find nonne, Charlotte Bendiks, Elfrida, Kinsella, Slugwar, ATTAN, Kjetil Schjander Luhr, John Sweeney and Port Almond. 

The films you will get to watch during the Silent Film Days are everything from horror and action to drama and comedy, and to more experimental film expressions, many which are considered milestones in film history. 

With this programme it will be easy to tempt someone to join - without having to pay extra. 

How "Bring a Friend" works

With the exception of Tromsø Children's film club's screening of SAFETY LAST!, you will be able to get a ticket for a friend for free to all the concerts during the Silent Film Days 2023. You only need to select the ticket category "Ordinary + Bring a Friend" when you buy a ticket. 

The offer is limited per silent film concert, so be early to secure a ticket. 

Read more about the program and buy tickets here. 

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