– a new city centre in Tromsø

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To create a new part of Tromsø’s city center, for both residential and business purposes, you need courage. The first part of Vervet is now complete, which includes Maskinverkstedet, the Corten building, a bakery and the new footbridge connecting Vervet to the city center.

As days go by, more and more of Vervet's constructions stages will emerge. The first 132 new homes will be finished in 2022, and the first residents move in early 2022.

The construction of all the stages will go on until approximately 2027, when the last construction stage will be finished. Then, approximately 1000 residents will have their home at Vervet, a new hotel of 16 000 m2 will be established, and approximately 22 400 m2 in total will be filled with lively businesses.

The residents will enjoy a large common area of approximately 750 m2 (training, billiard, shuffleboard, table tennis and more), and the citizens of Tromsø get to enjoy restaurants and more along the dock-side. This and more is what Vervet will offer for the people of Tromsø.

If you want to know more about Vervet, whether you are interested in living here or just curious, you are welcome to come by and check out Vervet.

Welcome to Vervet.