Tromsø parkering

For more than 40 years, Tromsø Parkering has been the city's leading parking business. With local partners and Tromsø municipality behind us, we make sure that the roads are obstacle free, and that people find parking when they arrive where they are going.

Since the beginning, Tromsø Parkering, in many forms, has worked with parking laws and regulations, and operation of paid parking in Tromsø.

In addition to running municipal street parking, we work with many local businesses and site owners to operate their parking areas and thus improve parking opportunities. Our desire is to make parking accessible and as easy as possible to find, both for residents and visitors to Tromsø.

Tromsø parking also owns Fjellet p-hus, an underground parking facility, perhaps the city's most important parking area. With 860 indoor parking spaces, right in the city center, with two entrances from the tunnel system and three exits into the city. The facility has both camera surveillance and security on site.

Tromsø Parkering works for better traffic safety, accessibility, and the environment. As a local player, we work to promote local businesses, and we are proud to be a partner with TIFF, one of the region's most important cultural events.

As a municipally owned company, our profits go back to the municipality, which benefits residents and visitors alike. That is why our slogan is that Tromsø Parkering is best for the city.