Troms Kraft

Se film

Power to change.

Energy consumption needs to change. There is no time to lose, by 2030 emissions need to be down by 55%. That means strict measures need to be taken at all levels. Industry needs to change, public services need to change, people need to change.

Troms Kraft is ready to lead the development towards a fully electric, renewable North. Our role as supplier of infrastructure through energy generation, energy distribution and energy sale will continue. We have completed successful mergers with other strong players in the north to consolidate this position. But we want to go further, from mere infrastructure to become a sustainability leader. Our job is to help society to take vital steps into our new renewable lifestyle.

We believe in a future where people live their lives not in violation, but in harmony with nature.

Every process of change needs a platform, a solid ground. Our platform is the people and the culture in the North. We live in an outstanding environment, that will – through entrepreneurship, education and our unique ability to look at the bright side – see amazing things come our way in the future. Our job is to preserve the good things, those things that work, and change what doesn’t.

That is why we support TIFF – because it works, and because it is good for us.