The Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organization

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The Norwegian fishing industry has a proud history and an exciting future – The Norwegian Fishermen´s Sales Organization is an important part of this success story.

The aboundant resources in the sea have for generations made a solid ground for viable coastal communities along the entire coast of Norway, the seafood nation. The seafood industry represents one of Norway's largest and most important export industries.

An important premise for the Norwegian Fishermen´s Sales Organization is to ensure that the ocean’s resources are utilized in a sustainable manner and to achieve a profitable growth across the entire fishing industry. Ensuring stability, safeguarding the fishermen and the coastal communities is a social responsibility that the Norwegian Fishermen´s Sales Organization takes seriously.

Every year the organization supports several art and culture festivals. These festivals create important meeting points, and are contributors to convey and inspire a coastal identity.

We believe in and want to promote the combination of the coastal culture of Northern Norway with international film experiences, and are proud to be a partner of TIFF.