Mack Brewery

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Mack Brewery is the northernmost brewery in the world, located at 69.39ºN, 364 km above the Arctic Circle in Norway.

The surroundings are natural, based on refreshing water created by rain, melting snow from the glaciers at the peaks of the Lyngen Alps. All of our products are made with high quality water from the Lyngen Alps, which makes the products pure and the mineral content is made by nature, no salt added.

Mack was founded in 1877 by Ludwig Markus Mack and is the fourth largest brewery in Norway. Our company is built on the knowledge and skills of our staff, and is still owned by the very same family that established the brewery back in

1877. We have over 60 different products, and annually produce 18 million liters of beer, and 15 million liters of mineral water. Mack is also ISO Certified.

We have the most amazing surroundings; the majestic Lyngen Alps are covered with snow and the northern lights dances along the sky

– We are brewing in the high north!