The Faith in Film Award

The Faith in Film Award was given for the first time in 2017. It was established by Center for Art, Culture and Church, Norwegian Church Academies and Tromsø Church Academy in collaboration with the Tromsø International Film Festival.

The winner film should engage and stimulate to reflection and critical thinking about the religion’s place in society and in people’s lives.

The winner of the Faith in Film Award receives a hand-painted icon, made in the Carmelite monastary in Tromsø.


Eilif Bremer Landsend, Filmmaker

Tale Næss, Author and dramatist

Einar-Arne Drivenes, Historian

Previous winners

2024 Punishment, Øystein Mamen, Norway, Medieoperatørene

2023 Women Talking, Sarah Polley, USA, SF Studios Norway
2022 Medusa, Anita Rocha da Silveira, Brazil, Best Friend Forever
2021 Scarecrow, Dmitry Davydov, Russia
2020 Balloon, Pema Tseden, China, Redience
2019 Happy as Lazzaro, Alice Rohrwacher, Italy/Switzerland/France/Germany, Arthaus
2018 Per Fugelli – siste resept, Erik Poppe, Norway, Nordisk Film Distribusjon
2017 Forever Pure, Maya Zinshtein. Israel/UK/Norway