The Aurora Prize

An exclusive selection of the best and most exciting films from the international arena are nominated to compete for TIFF's Aurora Prize. The films must have their Norwegian premiere at TIFF to be eligible.


Cédric Succivalli, President of the International Cinephile Society, film critic and curator based in Rome

Barbara Gasser, awardwinning journalist, Vice President of the Austrian Film Critics Guild (AFCG), a voter of the Golden Globes, a member of FIPRESCI and Director of the Boards of the Hollywood Press Association, based in Los Angeles.

Kristin Bjørn, Dramaturge, playwright and theater director in Tromsø

Previous winners

2024 Housekeeping for Beginners, Goran Stolevski, Sweden/Kosovo/Poland/Serbia/Croatia/Australia

2023 Women Talking, Sarah Polley, USA, SF Studios Norway
2022 Medusa, Anita Rocha da Silveira, Brazil, Best Friend Forever
2021 The Truffle Hunters, Michael Dweck & Gregory Kershaw, Italy/USA/Greece, SF Studios
2020 Atlantis, Valentyn Vasyanovych, Ukraine, Arthaus
2019 Lykkelige Lazzaro, Alice Rohrwacher, Italy/Switzerland/France/Germany, Arthaus
2018 Western, Valeska Grisebach, Germany/Bulgaria/Austria, Arthaus
2017 The Fits, Anna Rose Homers, USA, Pascale Ramonda
2016 Heart Of A Dog, Laurie Anderson, USA, Arthaus
2015 Li'l Quinquin, Bruno Dumont, France, NDM
2014 The Tale Of Iya, Tetsuichiro Tsuta, Japan, Pia Filmfest
2013 Lore Cate Shortland, Australia, Germany/UK, Memento Films
2012 Elena Andrej Zvjagintsev, Russia, Pyramide Films
2011 Poetry Chang-dong Lee, South Korea, Arthaus
2010 The Door Anno Saul, Germany
2009 Revansje / Revanche, Götz Spielmann, Austria, Arthaus
2008 Vannliljer / Water Lilies, Céline Sciamma, France, Fidalgo
2007 Buenos Aires 1977 / Chronicles Of An Escape, Adrián Caetano, Argentina, Tour de Force
2006 Tapas José Corbachi & Juan Gruz, Spain, Tour de Force
2005 Skilpadder Kan Fly / Turtles Can Fly, Bahman Ghobadi, Iran, Arthaus
2004 Tiden Etter Otar / Since Otar Left, Julie Bertucelli, France, Arthaus
2003 Engelen På Høyre Skulder / Angel On The Right, Jamshed Usmonov, Tajikistan, Arthaus
2002 Og Mora Di Også / Y Tu Mama Tambien, Alfonso Cuarón, Mexico, Arthaus