Safe at TIFF!

Our guidelines and preventive measures for a covid-19 free festival.

At the Tromsø International Film Festival we want to make sure that everyone has a safe and healthy festival experience. We take our responsibility when it comes to pandemic prevention very seriously. We work in close cooporation with the local health authorities and all our festival events will be adjusted to the current restrictions from the local and national authorities.

Our goal is to create unforgettable experiences, where we are togeher - while making a safe space for everyone.

The rules and regulations for the upcoming festival are set to be updated by the government by January 13th, but here you can read the guidelines that are in effect as per December 2021. 

  • Keep a 1-metre distance from other people than those within your household or corresponding close relations. Exemption for children in kindergarten and primary school, as well as people who provide services for children and young people or vulnerable groups.

Indoor public events:

  • Without designated seating a maximum of 20 people. With designated seating a maximum of 50 people. Face covering required.

Outdoor public events:

  • Without designated seating a maximum of 100 people outside. With designated seating a maximum 3 x 200 people. Face covering recommended.

The organiser must ensure that all of the people present at indoor events are able to keep a distance of at least 1 metre from people who do not belong to the same household or corresponding close relations. An exemption is made for several groups, including participants at cultural and sports events, participants on certain courses, and people who belong to the same cohort in kindergarten or primary school.

At indoor events where all of the participants are in designated seating, there will be an adequate distance if the organiser ensures that there is at least one vacant seat between each person in the same row from the time they arrive at the event. People from the same household may sit closer together after arrival.

Organisers must keep a list of where each attendee or guest sits at public events when everyone in the audience is in designated seating

The requirement to wear a face covering also applies to indoor events, libraries, and museums.

Read the Norwegian Governments national recommendations and rules in full here 

What we at TIFF do

  • Make sure that you can keep distance to your fellow moviegoers
  • Make sure that we have plenty of hand disinfectant and soap at our venues
  • Program our schedule with more time between each screening to avoid lines and give time for our staff to disinfect any necessary surfaces
  • Sell our tickets online and scan them at the venue to minimize physical contact
  • Track our audience and guests for safety measures. (Personal data will be saved and used in case of infection tracing only)
  • Have seats for everyone and table sevice at all indoor social events
  • Have a protocol for keeping our venues clean and train our staff and volunteers according to our protocol. (We also have a close collaboration with the Chief Physician in the Tromsø Municipality.)
  • Give our audience clear and updated information
  • Have a digital festival program available

What you need to do

  • Practice social distancing to fellow moviegoers.
  • Wear a face covering at all times at our inside venues, and outside when keeping distance is not possible. 
  • Arrive to the screening in good time (remember that the film starts at the scheduled time)
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly and often, and use disinfectant
  • If you need to cough or sneeze, please use your elbow. Don't touch your face and, in general touch as few surfaces as possible
  • Are you ill, have a cold or are not feeling well? Stay at home, see a movie from our online program and wel'll see you when you feel better!

Welcome to the 32nd Tromsø International Film Festival!