About TIFF

Tromsø International Film Festival is a popular film festival for our audience, and an important meeting point for the Norwegian and international film industry.

Photo: Mats Gangvik

Tromsø International Film Festival screens challenging quality films for a local, national and international audience. The festival has had an incredible growth since it first commenced in 1991. The total of admissions in 1991 was 5200 - in 2020 it was 58320. TIFF 2022 will be the 32nd edition of the festival, taking place January 17-23.

"TIFF shall be an arena for joint cinematic experiences focusing on artistic quality, curated on the background of the festival’s values, in particular humanism and freedom of speech"

Artistic profile and social function

  • TIFF shall be an arena for joint cinematic experiences focusing on artistic quality, curated on the background of the festival’s values, in particular humanism and freedom of speech.

  • TIFF shall be a gathering place and screening venue for the northern based film industry.

  • TIFF shall preserve and promote film and other cultural heritage through the yearlong operation of Verdensteatret.

  • TIFF shall be an educational arena for children and youngsters on the art of film, moving images and media science.

The TIFF foundation

After being run by Tromsø's public cinema since the beginning in 1991, Tromsø International Film Festival was in 2002 separated from the cinema and organized as a foundation with its own board. Founder of the TIFF foundation was Tromsø Kino IKF, now reorganized and renamed as Aurora kino IKS.

The board is elected every 2 years by a nomination committee appointed by the board of Aurora kino IKS and the sitting board of TIFF.

Photo: Ingun A. Mæhlum
Photo: Ingun A. Mæhlum

Winter Cinema

Tromsø International Film Festival is set in the dark polar nights, which give's TIFF the unique possibility to screen films outdoor. The outdoor cinema is located at the main square in the heart of Tromsø.

The program includes a selection of shorts and documentaries from the Films from the North program, along with special screenings and various other events.

TIFF 2020 facts

  • 68554 admissions in total (all screenings and events - unofficial numbers)
  • 58320 admissions in total to official TIFF screenings
  • 6331 admissions to additional screenings and industry events
  • 3903 admission to parties and social events
  • 10856 individual participants
  • 1538 accreditated participants - including 80 media representatives and 316 volunteers
  • The festival generates an amount of 26 million NOK into trade and business*

    * Marketing report from 2011 by Bedriftskompetanse AS.

TIFF 2021 facts (digital festival)

  • 36128 participants in total for digital screenings and events, plus the Winter Cinema
  • 29623 participants on VOD (Video on Demand) screenings. This number is based on the number of tickets sold and the average number of viewers per ticket, based on TIFFs audience survey
  • 20264 tickets purchased including school screenings, VOD and the Winter Cinema
  • 2225 attended screenings at the Winter Cinema
  • 6256 individual participants, meaning the number of unique ticket purchases on VOD and the Winter Cinema
  • 6450 viewers on live streaming events during the festival. Please note: this number is not included in the total participating number listed above
  • 110 titles in the festival program. Out of these 58 feature films (including 54 in VOD program). 28 short films were screened in the festivals sidebar program Films from the North. At the Winter Cinema 24 shorts were screened during the morning and evening shows. 70 VOD screenings were available to the public