Film submission

In general, TIFF's Program Committee selects all films at the festival. However, we accept submissions from Nordic filmmakers.

Photo: Tom-Stian Martinsen

Tromsø International Film Festival screens international feature films from all over the world. These films are carefully selected based on our knowledge of world cinema and the annual output of quality films.

In general we find the films we want to present ourselves, and do not accept individual film submissions from outside the Nordic countries.

Filmmakers from the Nordic countries who want to present their feature films at Tromsø International Film Festival should contact Festival Director Lisa Hoen or Deputy Program Director Henning Rosenlund. Submission deadline is November 2nd.

Short films

Tromsø International Film Festival only has one program for short films (under 1 hour), the Films from the North Program. This sidebar is reserved for filmmakers from arctic and subarctic regions. We do not have any other program for short films. Please follow the link below for more information.