NORTH Pitch - 2022

The 14. edition of NORTH Pitch will take place in Tromsø on January 19-22, 2022.

General guidelines

• Filmmakers from all over the World are welcome to submit projects. Stories with a broad international market appeal are preferred.

• All subjects related to life above the Arctic Circle are eligible. Films can address culture, environment, resources, politics, climate changes and indigenous peoples as well as general human stories.

• From the submitted proposals a maximum of 12 projects will be selected for participation. A number of observer seats will be available.

How to participate

Submit by sending a written 2-page presentation of your project, accompanied by visual materials. The submission deadline is November 29, 2021. You can submit your 2-page presentation by email to

The 2-page presentation
The written presentation should include the following elements:

  • Project info: project title, status of the project, expected time of delivery, length, & format
  • The film: depending on the nature of the project this can include the story, characters, visual approach, director’s note, etc.
  • Contacts: name of producer, production company, director and contact information
  • Profiles: short CV & filmography of company and director
  • Financing: budget sum (total sum for the production, not the whole budget) and brief financing plan.

You can submit your 2-page presentation by email to

The visual material
Applications must be accompanied by visual material shot for the submitted project. Applications with no visual material / visual material from previous works, will normally not be considered. Submit your visual material by including a link to an online streaming facility like Vimeo or YouTube when you email your 2-page presentation.

Participation fee
Each selected project pays a participation fee of 200 Euro. We strongly recommend participation of both director and producer, and there is no extra fee for additional participants.

Participation as an observer
For NORTH Pitch a number of observer seats are available. When participating as an observer you will take part in all sessions on equal terms with the pitching participants. Only exception is not having a concrete project developed and pitched. Observers pay 100 Euro for participating.

Read more about NORTH Pitch here

NORTH Pitch 2022 program

The program will consist of the following elements:

  • a two-day pre-pitching workshop where the selected projects will be developed under guidance from experienced international experts from the documentary business. The workshop will focus on how the project can be developed in the best possible direction and how the presentation of the project can be optimized.

  • a pitching session where each project will be presented to an international panel of decision makers, followed by individual meetings.