The Xn conference is a meeting place and an arena for replenishing knowledge and inspiration for everyone who works in creative industries.

Xn TIFF has an additional focus on the film industry, but presents new trends, visions and concrete experiences that will affect all actors within the entire creative and artistic field.

This year's conference will have a thematic angle towards the potential for ripple effects of regional film production and realizing your own business in connection with creative industries such as film and music. We will share knowledge to try to increase the potential for good interaction between the film/TV and music industry, and we will be presented with new projects and technology that will inspire us.

Location: Storgata Camping, Tromsø
Time: Tuesday 17 January at 10-14


09:30 Doors open - coffee

09:50 "Creative introduction"

10:00 Welcome

10:05 Session 1
NINA ERDAHL – Casting & Costumes
Nina will talk about her experiences as an entrepreneur in a completely new market in the northern Norwegian context, and about her latest projects in casting, costuming and styling.

10:30 Session 2
GULL OG GRØNNE KULISSER? (variation of a Norwegian proverb)
How big is the potential for film and series tourism in connection with regional film productions? In a recent report, there are rumors of surprisingly high figures regarding the influence films and series have when travelers choose Norway as a holiday destination. We also see the same high figures from other countries. We are gathering a mixed team from the industry to pick up the ball:

Meghan Beaton - The National Film Commission
Hilde Korsæth - Northern Norway Film Commission
Tor Vadseth – North Norwegian Film Centre
Tom Vidar Karlsen - film producer Storyline NOR
Knut Perander - Head of Tourism Development, Innovation Norway (moderator)

The session is kicked off by one of the key players behind the international success of Icelandic film, a country experiencing an unprecedented increase in tourism directly linked to the attention national films and TV series receive internationally: Christof Wehmeier, head of festival promotion at the Icelandic Film Centre.

11:20 Session 3
What's it all about; SYNCH
The vast majority of people who work with film and TV production must relate to the use of pre-composed, copyrighted music. Why so complicated and difficult, and not least; must it swallow half the budget? The music industry will present suggestions to good solutions for all parties.

Daryl Bamonte
British musician, record label executive and artist manager, known for working for Depeche Mode and The Cure. Owner of Archangelo Music, keyboardist in Permafrost, consultant for Schubert Music Europe and ambassador for Europe in Synch.

Aggie Peterson
Artist, singer and producer based in Tromsø, known for the alt-pop project Frost, and her solo project Aggie Frost. Founder of High North Music, a management to gather the good artists from the north, with a particular focus on music that will synchronize well with moving images.

11:50 Break/Lunch - buffet from the campsite's own pizza stall
Open for a round of mini golf - or a refreshment at the beach bar

12:30 Session 4
When the computer makes better art than you - an explanation of generative AI

In what feels like "overnight", computers have gone from drawing line drawings of cats, to creating award-winning visual art, composing symphonies and creating photo-realistic images of people who don't exist.

Generative AI is the collective name for the technology that challenges our understanding of creativity, creativity, art and photography. What is it really? How does it work? Will we never need more illustrators, and what is the next step in the evolution?

Journalist and technology advisor at NRKbeta, Eirik Solheim, gives us more insight into what this technology can do and what opportunities and challenges we can expect to face in the near future.

13:05 Session 5
MORE FILM – locally rooted with international ambitions

During its relatively short life, the production and distribution company Mer Film has positioned itself with a clear profile and as a relevant player in the Norwegian film industry. With a focus on unique stories, they reach an increasingly large audience with their productions. How to build a company with a clear identity? What is needed to stand out in an industry where many want the same thing? We get to hear the story from the inside, presented by managing director Siv Dyb Wangsmo.

Since its start in Tromsø in 2011, Mer Film has produced over 20 feature films and distributed over 50 films in Norwegian cinema. In 2022,
Krigsseileren was seen by more than 400,000 in cinemas and is a Norwegian Oscar candidate. Ellos Eatnu // Let Elva Leve by Ole Giæver is the opening film during this year's TIFF.

13:30 Session 6
Árran 360°
Represented both at the Art Biennale and at the Venice Film Biennale, this innovative visual project is already an international event. Now it will have its Norwegian premiere at TIFF and project manager Maria Utsi lets us hear what it's all about.

13:50 "Creative end"

The conference is held in Norwegian, except session 3 and the evening session.

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In addition, we have an extended program in the evening: Xntended, where Per Martinsen and Daryl Bamonte will talk and look back in time on the topic of "Emerging scenes in small cities". Read more about this here.

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