How to work with synchronization

January 19, 14:00-17:00
Amtmandens, Bakrommet (Industry Area)

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"Synch" as in "synchronization" is the matching of music to moving images.

Music is a powerful tool to emphasize emotions, to develop the story and to create tension in films. Everyone who works with the production of films and TV-series deal with the use of music on one level or another. In some cases, a composer is hired to create an original score, and in other cases you look for the right song to fit a scene.

A challenge in this field, is to find the right music, and to understand all the rights that need to be cleared. Time is of essence, so if the clearance part gets too complicated, a track may not be used. For the creators of music, the challenge can be how to reach out to the producing film industry – and get them to listen to your music.

Budget is also an issue – an indie-film with low budget may not be able to pay for a long-term license – but are there other ways to make scalable agreements, so that the risk is shared between both creative parts?

How can the two worlds meet and better communicate?

With this masterclass meeting and workshop, the film and music industry will gain more knowledge about synch and meet to discuss the challenges inherent in the topic. The music industry has come up with an initiative to look at solutions for both parties, represented by the organization Europe in Synch and the local synch agency High North Music. In addition, we get expertise in the field from British Connie Farr in ThinkSynch Music and film producer Ragna Nordhus Midtgard.

Connie Farr, ThinkSynch Music
Based in London, she has established herself as one of Europe’s most experienced in working with synchronization and has supervised many large film and series productions. As owner of the company ThinkSynch Music, she has worked actively to create collaboration between the film and music industries.

Ragna Nordhus Midtgard, Mikrofilm
Norwegian film producer from Tromsø. In 2021 she was hired by Oscar- winning production company and animation studio Mikrofilm. She has previously worked for nine years as producer and head of production at the renowned company Mer Film, a live action production and distribution company.

Daryl Bamonte, Archangelo Music
British musician, record label executive and artist manager, known for working for Depeche Mode and The Cure. Owner of Archangelo Music, keyboardist in Permafrost, consultant for Schubert Music Europe. Ambassador for Europe in Sync, an organization that works to increase knowledge about synch and to create good conditions for the music industry and the film industry.

Aggie Peterson, High North Music
Artist, singer and music producer based in Tromsø, known for the alt-pop project Frost, and her solo project Aggie Frost. Founder of High North Music, a management company which aims to gather the best music writers from the north, with a particular focus on music that will synchronize well with moving images.

The event is a collaboration between TIFF, Nordnorsk Filmsenter and Musikkontoret Nord, and with support from Music Norway.