Film Talks

Meet the filmmakers at the festival!

Tromsø International Film Festival and online magazine Montages invite you to Film Talks. Throughout the festival week, guest directors are interviewed by Montages editor Karsten Meinich. This is a unique chance to get more out of the films you see, and to get up close to known and less-known filmmakers at TIFF.

The film talks are free and you can attend them at Tromsø library during the festival or watch them live at

These are the film talks from TIFF 2023:

January 17th 2023, 2pm - Carolina Cavalli
Cavalli talks about her remarkable debut feature Amanda.

January 19th 2023, 2pm - Darya Bassel
Ukrainian producer Bassel arrive from Kyev to present the cutting edge feature Butterfly Vision.

January 20th 2023, 2pm - Cédric Ido

The French director talks about his science fiction film The Gravity, presented in Competition.

Tromsø International Film Festival