Films from the North

Films from the North is the festival's program for films from the Barents Region and other circumpolar areas.

The sidebar has traditionally been reserved for shorts and documentaries. It has been highly popular, with more than 8000 tickets sold annually. At the 201 edition we also accepted feature length films into the program for the first time, as this format has become more and more important in regional production. In 2020 we further expanded our scope by inviting Icelandic films to participate.

Films are qualified if the subject, the production or the director is connected to the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Canada, or Iceland. See further spesifications in the guidelines below.

Tromsøpalmen (The Tromsø Palm) is awarded to the best short or documentary in competition, along with a prize of 5000 Euro to the film’s director.


Films from the North should draw attention to the increasing media activity in the High North and stimulate its growth. Our goal is to be the most important venue for films from the Northern periphery.