Villagers and Vagabonds

A manure spreader, a stone and a wooden stick make up Joar Nango's unfinished artwork, which triggered an intense debate in national media. This thoughtful and epic documentary offers a platform for villagers and artists to discuss what art means.

"Ugly", "some damn nonsense": these were some of the first words used by the inhabitants of the small village Kvam in the Gudbrand Valley to describe a newly commissioned artwork. The sculptural installation is a work by the architectural collective FFB, which consists among others of Tromsø-based artists Joar Nango and Håvard Arnhoff. Faced with hostile reactions to their work, the artists have to defend their work, while local politicians are confronted with accusations of reckless spending of money. In the midst of the controversy, the artist group finishes their sculpture, and a divided local community follows the process closely.

Villagers and Vagabonds, which received the documentary prize at Bergen International Film Festival, is an engaging and entertaining documentary that offers a wide range of reflections on what art is and should be. It also sheds light on the working process of Nango and his collective, which is based on what he calls "Sami improvisation skills."


Merethe Offerdal Tveit (b. 1985) works with documentaries and art films from her home village Rosendal. She graduated from the Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole and OsloMet, and has produced and directed a range of short films in small communities around Norway.


2018 En skildring af Hjemmet (Short documentary)
2018 November (Short film)
2014 Eit hus, ein heim (Short documentary)
2010 To framande og ein ukjend (Short film)

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