Whispers of Reindeer Milk

This Sámi short explores an alternative universe in Sápmi where they managed to remove the primordial knowledge from the colonists. The film is composed of open, meditative, persistent images from different landscapes in Sápmi, and is a journey to and from these lands.


Mihkkal Hætta is a 22-year-old sámi filmmaker from Guovdageaidnu. Hætta wants to add a completely new genre to the ever-growing selection of Sámi films. Hætta has big ambitions; he wants to transfer the Sámi storytelling tradition to the screen and conquer the hearts of his audience through Sami arthouse films.

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Friday 19. january

Kl 16:15
Fokus 4

Saturday 20. january

Kl 12:30
Driv Cinema


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