03:08:38 States of Emergency

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Tore Vagn Lid and Transiteatret-Bergen will guest TIFF and Hålogaland Teater with their award winning performance “03:08:38 - States of Emergency” January 15th & 16th. The performance in Tromsø is an experiment in the borderland between film and performing arts, broadcasted live to listening posts in Moscow, New York and Bagdad.

Three hours, eight minutes and thirty-eight seconds was the time it took a young man to blow up a Norwegian government building and then execute people at a summer camp for social democratic youth. In total, he killed 77 people. How did the world react? What was said outside Norway? How did different societies, different people react - not afterwards - but in the midst of it, when no one yet knew for sure about the scope, cause and motivation of this act; where speculation went in all directions. And what can such a state of emergency reveal about a society's political reflexes, and about ourselves as politically acting individuals - then as now?

03:08:38 TILSTANDER AV UNNTAK is a kind of live movie recording. A reconstruction of the afternoon of July 22, 2011, presented in real time and built on authentic radio broadcasts and audio recordings from that day. Second by second, a team of cartoonists, filmmakers and musicians work with our understanding of this groundbreaking afternoon.

The performance in Tromsø will be a live experiment at the interface between film art and performing arts - which will be broadcast simultaneously from Hålogaland Theater and to "listening posts" to audiences gathered in Moscow, New York and Baghdad.

03: 08: 38 TILSTANDER AV UNNTAK was awarded two «Hedda Prizes», and received the «Oslo Prize for Performing Arts of the Year». in 2020.

The performance at Hålogaland Teater is sold out.

More information about the performance www.transiteatret.no

Produced by Transiteatret-Bergen in collaboration with the Department of Media Studies W. Goethe University, (Frankfurt a.M.), Det Vestnorske Teatret and Vega Scene.
The guest performance is arranged in a collaboration between Hålogaland Teater, Tromsø International Film Festival, Transiteatret-Bergen and Performing arts hub Norway.
Supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council, Statens Kunstfond (DK), PAHN and Bergen municipality.

On Sunday January 16th, Transiteatret-Bergen, Hålogaland Teater and TIFF invite you to the panel conversation: Performing arts <-> The art of film: “03:08:38 States of Emergency” as the medial interface.

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