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Simon Baker is almost unrecognizable in this intense film noir-like thriller set in the Australian outback. Baker portrays a city cop sent to a small town to investigate a 20-year-old case. It may sound like a traditional crime story, but the film delves much deeper than that.

Simon Baker plays police detective Travis Hurley. We meet him as he drives into the desert town of Coober Pedy in Australia. The town is situated in the heart of the world's largest opal field. The precious stones have made many wealthy, but not the country's indigenous people. On the surface, Limbo is a classic film noir, shot in black and white, with a weary detective at its center. The murder of an Indigenous woman 20 years ago didn't make headlines. The case was never solved. It was never really investigated. In today's more politically correct landscape, Hurley is tasked with digging deeper into the mystery.

Limbo is a meditative and contemplative film far from the frantic pace of a thriller. Instead, it uses the harsh environment of the landscape to depict the consequences of the injustice committed against the country's indigenous people. The scars hammered into the earth become a metaphor for the wounds of humanity and, notably, the anger. With its calm pace, it is a crime film that stands out. The movie is not easy to forget.

The film was chosen by film critic May Synnøve Rogne.


Ivan Sen (b. 1972) is an Australian Indigenous filmmaker. He is also a screenwriter, editor, composer, and sound designer. After producing a series of short films, he gained international recognition in 2002 with the film Beneath Clouds, which won the Premiere First Movie Award at the Berlin Film Festival. Since then, he has created a variety of documentaries and feature films.


2022 Loveland
2016 Goldstone
2013 Mystery Road
2011 Toomelah
2002 Beneath Clouds

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