TKF Festival Exhibition - Michelle Deignan

TKF’s Festival exhibition presents the work of artist Michelle Deignan, premiering her new film exploring the politics of class, identity and landscape at a moment of unique change in 19th-century Germany and Ireland.

Come celebrate the opening of Michelle Deignan's solo show 'Alternating Routes' - this year's Festival exhibition as part of Tromsø International Film Festival

Friday 19th January from 6 - 9pm

Entrance is free as always and we will serve wine and snacks, also for free

Please note our new address!
Mellomvegen 82
The entrance is on the second floor, facing north (towards the city center)

T​he exhibition includes the premiere of ​Michelle Deignan's new film On Common Ground, which explores politics of class, identity and landscape at a moment of unique change in 19th-century Germany and Ireland​, following the aspiring travel writer Ida through different landscapes of the now splintered Paleozoic microcontinent, Avalonia.​

Deignan's cinematic tapestry explores women as travel writers and the challenges they faced, and changing attitudes towards land and landscape from perspectives of class and power. Ida's defiance against societal norms reveals a quest for creative autonomy, celebrating the resilience of women who challenge expectations. An encounter on the Beara Peninsula in Ireland unfolds into a commentary on untold stories, reflecting on the transformative power of storytelling, and offers new insights into this misunderstood territory, nestled in a sublime natural environment.

​The exhibition is curated by Leif Magne Tangen. 

Tromsø Kunstforening has presented the festival exhibition in tandem with Tromsø International Film Festival every year since 2001.

On Common Ground has been produced with support​ from​ the Norwegian Arts Council​, Arts Council of Ireland​ and Tromsø Kunstforening.

Deignan’s solo exhibition is open from 19.01–10.03.

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Friday 19. january

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