Petrov's Flu

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A cartoonist struggles with feverish dreams as he wanders between everyday life and imagined adventures. The sickest thoughts now appear outside the drawing board, and they throw themselves here and there and everywhere, through a chaotic day in Petrov's life.

Based on a novel by Alexei Salnikov, Petrov's flu takes us on a journey along the feverish Petrov, a family father in post-Soviet Russia who is one of the victims of a flu epidemic. The city seems to be in a state of breakdown, both because of the epidemic and due to a wave of nostalgia towards the pre-Gorbachev years. As the flu takes hold of Petrov, we are taken on a wild, nightmarish journey where hallucinations, surrealist scenes and reality mix together. 

All the confusion only draws us deeper into the main character's hallucinatory fever. In any case, the audience does not know which twists and turns will come in the next scene, so just hang on to the camera movement which is in constant motion, switching with ease between movie genres. Director Kirill Serebrennikov is a notable figure in Russia as a well-known theater director and dissident artist: this is his second film nominated at Cannes, and the second time Serebrennikov is prevented by the Russian authorities to attend. 


Kirill Serebrennikov (b. 1969) is a Russian stage and film director. Serebrennikov has no formal education as a film director, but he has been described as one of Russia's leading theatre directors. Since 2012, he has been the artistic director of the Gogol Center in Moscow. He is known for his films Yurev den (2008), Disippelen (2016) and Sommer (2018). 


2018 Leto 
2016 (M)uchenik / The Student
2012 Izmena
2008 Yurev den

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